Sermon Synopsis Luke 21:5-19

A message following a divisive election…

Luke 21:5-19

This is the passage were the disciples are awestruck by the majesty of the Temple in Jerusalem and Jesus speaks of its relative insignificance compared to the power of God…

It has been a challenging week for many at the Spring Lake Presbyterian Church. I say this… not because of a particular political perspective… but because as Presbyterians we live out a rather unique diversity of viewpoints. The very structure of our denomination’s polity arguably tends to invite conservative (read Republican) perspectives; while at the same time our doctrine of social justice supports liberal, progressive (read Democratic) issues. This dichotomy has manifested itself recently on Facebook with church member’s posting some strongly opposing opinions that may make for uncomfortable conversations at the family Thanksgiving table.

I wonder how many of you remember (or even were alive…) when the original “Star Wars” film aired in 1977? I recall standing outside the Lyric Theater with the line going down the street and around the corner. Not too long prior to that I remember paying 75 cents for a theater ticket and having enough left over from a dollar to be able to buy five “Payday” candy bars from a vending machine. Man… I am feeling old now!

You literally “felt” that the movie was going to be unique from the opening banner folding back on itself into space. George Lucas reportedly paid a fine for beginning the film without director’s credits in order not to distract from the emotion he was evoking from the audience in the opening scenes. The music pounded in your ears as Darth Vader spoke of the relative insignificance of the Death Star compared to the power of the Force. I recently viewed a clip of that scene with the ominous music replaced by upbeat carnival songs. I was stunned to see how the lighthearted music changed my feeling about the events unfolding on the screen.

Let me suggest that for the last several months… regardless of political perspective… all of us have had powerful backing tracks pumped into our consciousness’ by the political advertisements as well as the media fighting for our viewership and attention. Our passions have been fired up and we can’t understand how anyone could vote for (fill in the blank). I recently replied to a Facebook friend who was warning how the “media” was vilifying his candidate… I suggested that all one needed to do was change the channel in order to choose the bias of their choice.

I want to believe that most people vote for what they hope will be a better life… for themselves, their loved ones, and the world. If we can look for those rays of light in each other maybe we can focus less on the darkness that commands our attention.

Maybe we can change the background music…


Rev Dan