Sermon Synopsis Scripture Passage: John 1:1-18

For those Snowbirds and others who were not able to attend worship this past Sunday at the Spring Lake Presbyterian Church you missed a great performance by our vocal choir which achieved a standing ovation at one of the services. I thought that I would pass onto you a brief overview of my message.

The gospel writer introduces Jesus to us as the “Word,” simultaneously with God and God; Jesus is both the Creator and the Son of God. These concepts exceed our minds capacity to logically comprehend.

I recited the poem, “Stopping by a woods on a snowy evening” written by Robert Frost in 1922. I briefly reminisced about the horse drawn milk wagons that made deliveries in my home town (as described by an older family member).

The uniqueness of a poem is the ability to not only communicate the historical details, but to also convey the ‘feelings’ associated with the events described by the poet.

I alluded to the death this past week of Natalie Cole, daughter of the late Nat King Cole. I reminded the congregation of the powerful experience of hearing their songs digitally remixed into a duet that was truly “unforgettable.”

I described my experience of interacting with singer/songwriter’s at a local venue, Seven Steps Up, where the performer is expressing intimate emotions in their lyrics. As an aside (one of my many…) I spoke of taking a photograph of Tony Lucca’s pedal board before the show and finding a picture of who I assume is his laughing daughter in the center of the board reminding him of his family while away from home. These experiences are about feelings and emotions, relationships and love.

Biblical scholars have suggested the possibility of the gospel writer utilizing an existing familiar hymn, enhancing it to convey a ‘new’ message; one which incorporates Jesus into the Creation Event.

The message for us then is that John’s Gospel begins with not only introducing who and what Christ is but as importantly, it introduces the person who he loved and was loved by in return. A “remixing” of an old familiar hymn to convey a new and deeper meaning which says; “This is my God, my teacher, my friend! I want you to know him!” This is the message opening John’s Gospel.

Blessings to you in 2016!