Where is the Spring Lake Presbyterian Church located?

Our address is 760 East Savidge Street, Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

How do I contact the Spring Lake Presbyterian Church?

Call us at 616-842-5060 or Email info@slpc.org

What are the general Beliefs of the Presbyterian Church?

We are Progressive, Christ Centric.

Does your church celebrate communion?

We serve communion on the first Sunday of every month and at other times during the year. Our denomination's (PCUSA) guidelines welcome everyone (regardless of membership or denomination) to participate.

WHAT ARE THE Service times?

In the Summer we worship at 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM. In the Fall, Winter and Spring (Labor Day thru Memorial Day) we worship at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. 


Do you welcome everyone in your church?

Yes! White people, black people..(all colors really), tall, short, gay, straight, nice people, crabby people (well..we try to be tolerant of crabby people). We believe God created people with amazing diversity and we are looking forward to meeting you!

How much money do you expect from me?

How much do you have? (wink)
We have not held a stewardship drive in the 25+ years since Rev Dan Anderson has been pastor at SLPC. We do however pay utilities, plowing, insurance, salaries, and lots of other expenses to keep our church healthy. We also pass a LOT of money on to other agencies that do good in the world (we call them missions).

I am divorced, can I still be part of church?

Of course you are welcome here, and if his or her family members worship at SLPC you can always avoid them by coming to the other service, we have two!

I am agnostic, am I still welcome?

You bet! We look forward to great conversations.

Do you really believe that the world was created in six 24 hour days?


Do you really believe that Jesus was God?


What is the role of women at SLPC?

They are typically in charge. The Presbyterian Church ruled in 1957 that women hold equal status with men in every area of the church including the pulpit and the board tables.

Why should I come to your church?

We've been looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you better... just the way you are today (and if that sounds a bit like a friendly guy in a sweater, you may be surprised to know that Fred Rogers was a Presbyterian pastor).