Community Mission

Our annual Christmas Tree Sales have generated as much as $18,000.00 per year raised for mission efforts throughout our community and beyond!!! Many, many members and friends of Spring Lake Presbyterian Church make these efforts a success.

Past recipients include…

Boy Scout Troop 37
Camp Greenwood
Community encompass
Extended Grace
Faith in Action
Hurricane Matthew relief
Kinderkirk scholarships
Lakeshore Pregnancy Center
Little Red House
Lori’s Voice
MPA (Mission for Area People) – Muskegon
Missionary Cathy Chang
People Center
Spring Lake Alternative Education
Tri-Cities Ministries
Youth Mission trip


Rev Dan and SLPC endeavor to serve EVERYONE (regardless of sexuality, etc.).

SLPC does require that a pastor of this church conduct all weddings held on church grounds.

For those who desire a religious setting for their wedding, both members and nonmembers, who will use the building reverently and with good taste, SLPC is happy to make its facilities available under the direction of the pastor and SLPC staff.

Because we host many weddings each year the calendar must be coordinated with the pastor, then with the church office. A refundable deposit, equivalent to the fee for the use of the church will assure your date is reserved.

We know that every wedding is unique and personal. In order to make your wedding as perfect as possible please consult with the pastor before making any assumptions regarding vows, music, decorations, aisle runners, videos, photos, etc.

Premarital sessions will be held by the pastor with the couple prior to the wedding.

The pastor will be available for a rehearsal prior to the wedding.

Use of the Church:

Rice or confetti is not allowed in or around the church building. It poses a problem with cleaning, especially when the church must be used for some other purpose a few hours later. Birdseed or small bottles with bubble wands may be used outside.

Smoking is not permitted in the building. 

Pricing: (typical)

Church - $300 (Nonmember Fee)

Officiant - $250 

Housekeeping - $100

Organist - Ranging from $100 - $150 (SLPC makes every effort to welcome outside musicians. Please consult with the pastor.)

Soundboard - $100 (If used)




While the loss of a loved one is painful, funerals can begin the process of healthy closure and acknowledge and proclaim the promise of resurrection. Rev. Dan is available for member and nonmember funerals in the church and other venues.